Monday, 19 April 2010

Day One - 19th April 2010

So today I have started it all.

Woke up this morning and once again not hungry at all, I wonder why I cannot eat breakfast?
First day back at work after being off sick since last Sunday evening.
At around 9ish I had my Greek-style yoghurt lemon flavoured and that was forced down, my first injection of the day requires me to eat something. Felt peckish around 10ish so I crunched on my apple feeling very pleased with myself. 11ish the headaches started, took some pills and kept thinking to myself ignore it... BANG craving hits, had my bag of crisps around 11:15ish. Now i'm on my lunch with a cup-a-soup and 2 light fluffy butter biscuits. I plan to have a nice Ham Salad Sandwich for dinner tonight, surprisingly really looking forward to it.

I'm not going to write about what I eat and at what time everyday, however I think its very important to note every detail of your first day. As the days go by you can look back at this day and smile hopefully...

My biggest problem today was getting up this morning, being sick for 7 days, suffering from severe exhaustion and headaches, I found it hard to find the energy this morning to do a little bit of exercise.

What is a good exercise plan for someone who doesnt own a single gym equipment...I thought about my Wii and maybe just going absolutely nuts and boogie down to random tracks. Hey its a plus compared to sitting on my ass all day long.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

It all begins...

The post below is my goal, this post is to reveal who I am.

I am type 1 diabetic, was diagnosed when I was 19 years old, however due to me avoiding the doctors my diagnosis may have been much earlier, maybe even before I hit the teens. Denials a bitch. I'm going to admit for the first time since being diagnosed, I am not in control of my blood sugars, never have been and could face long term complications if i don't get my act together. I've been lying to everyone I know, telling them all is fine, when in fact I have lost feeling in my left big toe, my eyesights terrible, my moodswings are crazy and my thirst is just never ending.

My weight loss is not because I want to fit into the size 12 clothes, or to look pretty, it is to improve my health so that I can one day be a mother. I'm married, almost 7 years now and really happy with my husband. However being an indian woman, I do get asked ALL THE TIME "When you having children?" some of my friends already have children, I hear them say "Have them young" and I respond with a bagful of excuses except the truth. Truth is I am not healthy enough to be a mother, if I had a child now, there would be high risk to him/her and I will not let that happen.

I also have Psoriasis, on about 60% of my body, nasty stuff especially if you're looking at it :( Not sure how it all started, but I have it. This is another thing I am not in control of, I got obsessed with the steroid cream and took a break from it. About time I went back on :)

So that's what is wrong with me :D lol

I know what the future holds if I stray from the goal I have set.

The dreaded Scales - Moment of Truth

I dusted off the scales, placed it on the floor and stared at it for a while. Something so small yet vicious. I have one of those bang and it comes on scales, kind of appropriate, give it a kick before getting on it...haha.

So I did, I stood on it and waited for the numbers to appear, at first it was insanely high, then it lowered it self, calculating my weight, evil little thing.

Here it is...

I am 12 stones and 12 pounds :(   My Ideal weight should be 10 stones something.